What We're Watching in May


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

·2 min read

April was jammed packed with good watches and releases on the streamers. So, as always, here's our monthly list of what we loved and therefore recommend throwing on your watch list for May. Let's dive in:

Defending Jaccob (Apple+)
- Lacey, Co-Founder/CEO @ Casting Depot

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Peacock)
- Justin, Engineer @ Casting Depot

Supernatural (Netflix)
- Theo, Junior Engineer @ Casting Depot

Tell Me Your Secrets (Amazon Prime)
- Sheena, Biz Dev Intern @ Casting Depot

Better Call Saul (Netflix)
- Brad, Chief Technology Officer @ Casting Depot

Big Night (Amazon Prime)
- Jake, Advisor @ Casting Depot

And that's our list for this month. If you have shows that you're binging that we should watch, tweet us! Find us on Twitter here.