Modeling Casting

Here at Casting Depot we know the day to day struggles of a Casting Director, that's why we've built our Modeling casting process from scratch to provide you with the most efficient process - all while filling your pipeline with a diverse set of candidates.

Image detailing the Modeling process

How it works

Casting Depot is the only platform in which you can cast every type of on-set talent, end-to-end. Ready to be efficient in your casting process at a fraction of the cost?

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    Post your production

    Leverage over 75 fields in our production creation process to ensure your casting call is seen by the right audience at the right time.

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    Select Talent & Interview

    Say goodbye to email chains with talent and say hello to efficiency. Sync your calendar in Casting Depot and begin scheduling and conducting interviews all in one spot. Our platform hosts your recorded calls so you’ll never have to back-up your interviews on a hard drive again.

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    Rinse and Repeat

    Leverage our private groups which can act as a personal CRM for your talent. Find someone that would be perfect for an upcoming project - add them to a private group. Worked with someone that you'd like to keep in touch with in an easy and efficient way - create a public group and interact with your talent base on the platform that talent comes back to everyday!

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