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First Time Homeowners

HGTV (by: Pink Noise Media)

TV: Reality / Documentary / Docu-Series
1x Roles
Production Cover First Time Homeowners
Nationwide, (US)
production dates
Audition Required
Yes - Discussed upon casting.


A major TV network is seeking individuals, couples, and families who have been living with their parents (or other relatives), friends, or roommates for long enough and are ready to finally purchase their first home.
Looking For:
  • First-time Homeowner
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Jenna Kammos profile image
Jenna Kammo


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Brad Larsons profile image
Brad Larson

This legit is me

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Lacey Kaelanis profile image
Lacey Kaelani

Couldn't agree more. You should apply!

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Manda Gae Millers profile image
Manda Gae Miller

I applied! Thanks!

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