Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Casting Depot?

Casting Depot is the professional network for the entertainment industry.

Being the premier digital home for creators and talent to engage and connect with one another our goal is to create efficiency within the casting process, saving companies, networks and individuals time and resources during their casting process.

How do I contact support?

We're here to help! There's real people on the other end that would love to hear from you:

Use our "Live Chat" button on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Email us at hello @

Can I customize my Casting Depot feed?

Your Casting Depot feed can be customized by applying to gigs, fully completing your profile (we match your skills with the gigs we surface in your feed) and finally - leaving your take on gigs, groups and comments helps us learn more about the gigs you're looking to land!

Can Casting Depot help with Professional Services in my casting process?

Yes! Casting Depot offers professional casting on projects posted by creators. Assistance is available on daily or weekly rates on fixed pricing. To inquire about these services, please visit here - or check the appropriate fields when creating your production on Casting Depot and we'll be sure to be in touch.

How can I edit my profile on Casting Depot?

You can edit your profile a couple ways via

1. Following the path Home > Settings > (click) - Edit Profile
2. Look for this icon:

on the top of any of your profile sections3. From your profile page - click the 3 dots to access a more menu which has Edit Profile in it.

Can I pay someone through Casting Depot?

At a later date you will be able to pay talent and hire creators directly through the platform. Hang tight!

Subscriptions & Billing

Can I signup for more than one month?

Yes! We have annual memberships available at a discount! Please just email us at hello @ after subscribing and we'll be happy to take care of it.

Is there any charge if I book a gig?

No not at all! Casting Depot is here to support you in your growing career!

If I want to cancel, how would I?

Users can cancel their subscription with Casting Depot at any time.

Is it possible to turn-off auto renewal on my card?

To turn auto-renewal off, please email us @ hello @ with the email address associated with your Casting Depot account and the date you'd like it deactivated on and we'll take care of it for you.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Cancellation will be effective the same day you make the request and you will retain access to the paid-only features for the period you have already paid for. Once that period is over, your access will expire and you will not be charged again unless you resubscribe.

What about a refund policy?

Subscribers must cancel their subscriptions before renewal if they do not wish to be charged. Monthly subscriptions are ineligible for refunds. To request a refund please contact us at or click on the chat widget at the bottom of the page to speak with a representative in real time (Operating hours: Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm ET).