Fall of 2022


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·2 min read

Fall is here and a ton of productions are staffing up to shoot for the holiday season. Curious about some of those castings? Here are the casting calls that are hot on our radar from the Casting Depot feed:

⛄️ Holiday Home Decorators

Are you a holiday home decorator? Do you always have the most pumpkins during halloween or the make the most beautiful Easter dining table? This major production company wants you.

Apply here.

✨ Makeup Artists & Models

This indie production company is now casting makeup artists & face models to compete in a series of challenges for a grand prize. Want a chance to win some cash?

Apply here

🏘 HGTV - Inherited Properties

Have you (or a client or friend) of yours inherited some sort of property over the past 20 years? If so - HGTV wants you for a new series!

Apply here.

🧼 Homes That Need Deep-Cleaning

Do you know someone special who would benefit from a fresh, clean start? Do you have an amazing family member, friend, or neighbor who works all the time, leaving their space a total disaster? A brand new series wants to help!

Apply here.

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