What We're Watching in February


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

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Welcome to the monthly list of TV & movie recs, suggested by the Casting Depot team 👋🏻 We've got quite a range in taste, so hold onto your movie tickets. You'll probably find something you like. If you have suggestions of what she would be watching, tweet us!

Here's what we're streaming in February:

Lacey's List, Co-Founder @ Casting Depot

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before Pt. 1(Netflix)
If you need a good teen romcom, this is it. It'll give you all the awkward feels that you'd expect a teen movie to give you. The cast is also incredible. Cudos to the casting team.

2. All or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon Prime)
I'm a bit late to watching this one, but I'm glad I got to it. I'm a huge Premier League fan and I've followed the stories of certain teams for years. However, this was an incredible inside take into what it takes to manage, build, and play for the Man City team.

3. Queen's Gambit (Netflix)
This was actually on our list alst month reccommended by our rockstar engineer, Ty. So - I decided to take a peak... and I'm glad I did. Everything about it was great - the storyline, the cast, the music, the fashion. I highly suggest this one.

& here's what the Casting Depot team is watching:

WandaVision (Disney+)
- Theo, Junior Engineer @ Casting Depot

The Expanse - Season 4 (Amazon Prime)
- Justin, Engineer @ Casting Depot

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Hulu)
- Jocelyn, Product Intern @ Casting Depot

Arrested Development (Netflix)
- Jake, Advisor @ Casting Depot

Tiger (HBO)
- Minna, MBA Biz Dev Intern @ Casting Depot

Halt and Catch Fire (Netflix)
- Ty, Engineer @ Casting Depot

Bridgerton (Netflix)
- Brad, Chief Technology Officer @ Casting Depot

Shtisel (YouTube)
- Josh, Head of Design @ Casting Depot

The Crown (Netflix)
- David, MBA Biz Dev @ Casting Depot
And that's our list for this month. If you have shows that you're binging that we should watch, tweet us! Find us on Twitter.