What I’ve Learned from Being an Unscripted Casting Intern


Lizzy Crabtree

Lizzy Crabtree

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Who: Lizzy Crabtree School, Year: Fordham, 2020 Internship: Casting Depot, Unscripted Casting & Development Intern Dream Job: Writer

I interned as an unscripted casting intern and here are some valuable things I have learned:

Time Management

Time management is a valuable skill that can be transferred to any job. Interning caused me to reevaluate how I spend my time. Between school, interning, and a daily commute time of five hours, it was essential to use my time in an effective manner - like doing my homework while I commuted. Limiting my time on the phone also proved to be truly helpful.

By making sure everything was balanced, I was able to put all my effort into my internship while I was there. In the actual office, time management was key. While working, there would be various tasks that all needed to be done at once. Prioritizing tasks as they came to me helped me navigate my day efficiently.

New Casting and Development Skills

Internships are created to teach and prepare students for their career. And for me, it did as such. For instance, as an unscripted casting intern I learned editing on Adobe Premiere, which is a tangible skill that I continued to practice. I learned how to research talent, current trends, and events for television development and for casting leads. I developed my writing abilities by learning how to write pitches and organize decks.

Industry Experience

Although I study film and television, we never focused on unscripted television (despite my interest in the field). While working as an intern at Casting Depot, I was able to experience the industry firsthand. Through my internship, I learned what casting processes were like, which software was used to record skype calls or edit casting videos, and how shows were pitched. In school, we never learned the specifics of the industry. Interning gave me the knowledge to prepare me for my post graduation career.