Four Tips for Succeeding in an Unscripted Interview


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·5 min read

Not everyone is a Kardashian or a Ramsey, nor does anyone need to be. The beautiful aspect to auditioning for unscripted shows is that you get to decide how you want your personality to shine. There’s no one like you, and it’s important to remember that. But how do you stand out in a sea of people? Let our tips below aid you in your interviewing process to becoming the next reality TV star.

1. Be prepared for your video interview.

If you’re interviewing with a casting director on a video call, remember that this is your big audition. If you made it to this phase, you were most likely chosen out of a sea full of applicants. Like any job interview, it’s important to be prepared so that you don’t waste both yours and the interviewers time. The three preparation steps are easy: 1) connect to good WiFi, 2) be in a quiet space such as an office or your kitchen (cars are generally unacceptable) and 3) look your best. Simple, right?

2. Speak in full sentences.

Your casting tape will most likely be cut into a short sizzle for internal use by the production company if they decide to move forward with you. It’ll be helpful to the casting director that you speak in full, complete sentences. For instance, if they ask you what your favorite color is, your response should be something along the lines of, “my favorite color is blue”. 

Additionally, while it may be difficult to do, remember to avoid ‘ums’ and ‘likes’ as much as possible. Using those two filler words often makes your stories and sentences drawn out which deters from your messaging. Be clear, descriptive and project your voice.

3. Wear clothing with colors that make you pop off the screen.

Clothing colors such as black, white and grey often blend you into the background on video. Additionally, know that you’re most likely in a sea of applicants that also wear neutral colors. Use this as an opportunity to stand out in your interview and wear bright colors such as red and light blue. Insider tip: avoid flashy shirts with large logos.

4. Remember your story.

People often ask, “how do I make myself stand out to a Casting Director?” While there’s not a simple checklist to follow, it is important to remember what makes you different. What tid-bits of information can you share in your interview that make you different from others? Avoiding generic comments such as “I like to travel” or “I love spending time with my friends” will get you a long way. Think of unique experiences or qualities about yourself that are specific to you such as “I’ve been to every country” or “I eat hot sauce with every meal”. You get the point.

Casting Directors have limited time alloted to your interview. It can be incredibly frustrating for them when the talent they’re interviewing is not prepared in advance. While we can’t guarantee that it’ll land you the gig, following these tips will absolutely give you an upper hand amongst other applicants.