Season 2 of Casting Depot Released!


Brad Larson

Brad Larson

·9 min read

After lots of planning, designing, and building to incorporate your feedback, we’re happy to release version 2 of Casting Depot!

We understand this past year has been unlike any other with significant changes to your life and the entertainment industry. So here at Casting Depot we made your user experience a priority. We're alleviating the nasty headaches from the casting process to help you book the best gigs with ease.

Version 2 comes with several new features that we’re excited to share with you:

Site-wide Updates

📄 New Blog

We revamped our blog with even more exclusive content. Look no further for insider knowledge from seasoned industry experts that could help you edge out the competition on your next audition or gig. New articles are posted daily and woven directly into your smart feed. We believe that the best way to book more gigs is to be more in the know.

🌓 Light & Dark Mode

You can now enjoy our interface in both a light and dark appearance. Switch between light and dark modes to adjust to your current lighting conditions, reduce eye strain, conserve battery power, or switch it up depending on your mood!

For Talent

🛠 Talent Dashboard

Casting Depot has made it easy for you to keep track of roles you're pursuing. If a production invites you to audition, or if you simply apply for a role; your Talent Dashboard will keep a running log of where you've been. This page will also help you keep manage your schedule by reminding you about the auditions you booked, and the gigs you landed. Not every audition leads to a gig, but every audition matters!

For Creators

🎥 Casting Dashboard

The days of over cluttered file cabinets are sleeping with the dinosaurs. We've developed a one stop shop to help you keep track talent, auditions, payroll an compliance. Think of us as your overachieving assistant. The only thing we can't do is pick up your coffee.

🎬 New Production Forms

This release incoporates new production forms to accommodate every type of production, whether it be Standard, Rush, or Confidential.

Emphasize key details about your production using our customizable questionaires to make sure the auditioning talent is always prepared to knock your socks off.

📅 Calendar Management

We also designed a calendar app integrated directly into the platform. Keeping life organized can be tough, we figured you could use a hand.

💸 Payroll Management

It can be arduous and pricey to keep payroll processing on time. We've added a payment dashboard powered Stripe that will help you pay talent quickly and directly from the Casting Depot platform. Say goodbye to checks getting lost in the mail and say hello to direct deposit.

🖇 Compliance

Why should talent contract management be siloed from the rest of the booking process? We’ve integrated new compliance features that will keep track of all legal documents associated to the production. NDA's? Check. Image release forms? Check. Talent agreements? Check, check! Like we said, it's all in one place.

🏢 Company Pages

The latest releases offers centralized company pages for other users to learn more about your mission. The user facing side is an excellent place to share productions, spark conversations, and basically leave your mark. It's an awesome place for interested talent to explore, and your teammates can quickly jump to the page directly from the dashboard.

Every company page also has a back end which is only viewable to designated colleagues. It's designed to manage your team, track documents, and update banking information.

We can’t wait for you to explore these updates and we’re always working hard to improve your Casting Depot experience. If you have any feedback at all, please reach out to us at hello@castingdepot.com – we’d love to hear from you!