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Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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We built roles questionnaires to help creators create efficiency within the application process leading to find the right talent for their projects. The goal of this section within your production form is to eliminate the need for Google Forms and Airtable so that you can manage the entire casting process in one space.

Because the casting process can be lengthy, with different questionnaires needed for different parts of it, we built the questionnaire section to add three very important parts to the casting process - The Application Phase, The Audition Phase, and The Post-Casting Phase.

In each questionnaire, you can pick from a dropdown menu of different question formats:

Single Choice
Short Answer
Long Answer
Video Upload
Picture Uplaod

See how to use the Roles Questionnaires here:

The Application Phase - Pre-Screener Questions 💡

The pre-screener questions are meant to screen the initial wave of applicants when your production goes live. Talent will see these questions when they apply to your casting. What do you need to know before you invite them to audition? Qualifying questions might include:

- "What's your current occupation?"
- "Have you worked in TV before?"
- "Why should we pick you?"

Need help thinking of questions to ask your talent? Check out this article we put together that'll give inspiration to your pre-screener questionnaire.

The Audition Phase - Self Submit & More 🎬

Talent will see this questionnaire when they're invited to audition for your production (such as inviting talent to submit a self-submit tape). In order for talent to submit their tapes to you, you must have this part of the questionnaire completed before requesting.

If you're providing information before an in-person audition, questions might include:

- "Will you be able to commit to a week of shooting?"
- "What do you love about our product?"
- "Are you a part of a Union?"

The Post-Casting Phase - Compliance & More 🛠

You've found the star of your production, you're ready to cast them, and now it’s time to ask a few wrap up questions. These could be:

If you're providing information before an in-person audition, questions might include:

- "What is your availability?"
- "Do you require a travel stipend?"
- "Will you be able to submit multiple forms of identity verification"
- "Are you ok with receiving payment through Casting Depot?"

And there you have it! Are you having issues with our production questionnaire or do you have additional questions? Feel free to reach out and a member of our casting team will be happy to assist you.

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