Q&A with Author/Actress Cindy Casimir


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

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Cindy is all well-to familiar with Casting Depot. We're excited to have her, and many others, booking quality gigs on our platform. You can view her profile here.

**Casting Depot: **Tell us what you do. **Cindy Casimir: **I am an actor and author. I recently published my first children's book based on my nephews, and working on my many more.

**Casting Depot: **What inspired you to work in entertainment? **Cindy Casimir: **What inspired me was at first was that I was very timid... but always knew I wanted my story to be heard AND knew my voice was powerful. My very first experience was when I was selected in elementary school to explain the importance of being a safety guard. As soon as the camera started rolling this side of me I never knew I had blossomed. The feeling of being heard was so powerful (especially growing up in foster care I was always overlooked).

**Casting Depot: **What major projects have you been a part of? **Cindy Casimir: **The projects I've been on include VH1's "To Catch A Beautician", Fox "Divorce Court", and Seventeen Magazine's YouTube Series "Firsts".

**Casting Depot: **What advice do you have for others who want to be a part of the industry? **Cindy Casimir: **The advice I have for others would be - BE YOURSELF! Don't try to hard to fit in or feel like you have to lose yourself to please others. You're doing this for yourself, you fell in love with it for a reason, and remember that. What will separate you and make you stand out is YOU. They can't experience what you could bring if you're pretending to be someone else.

**Casting Depot: **Do you have any exciting projects happening over the next six months? **Cindy Casimir: **Another exiciting project I'm working on is an autobiography. I've been passionate about it because I get to tell my trails and tribulations of being in and out of foster care.

**Casting Depot: **What do you think of Casting Depot and what advice do you have for future users? **Cindy Casimir: **I love Casting Depot! I love that it's easy to use and I can apply with so many auditions with one click. I'm so thankful i was able to get my second casting via Casting Depot. I will tell the the users to never give up. I am constantly on here daily looking for new opportunities. Stay consistent! I know you want it now, but TIMING IS ALWAYS RIGHT. You're not going to find real gigs like these - especially for at no cost!