Q&A With Angela Cavallari Walker


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

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Angela is an a Jill-of-all-trades! We caught up with her to see what kind of advice she'd give to others just beginning their journey. You can view her profile here.

**Casting Depot: **Tell us what you do. **Angela Cavallari Walker: **I am a writer/author and podcaster.

**Casting Depot: **What inspired you to work in entertainment? **Angela Cavallari Walker: **From an early age, movies and storytelling have inspired me and had a staying power, unlike any other industry. I truly enjoy the energy and high I get from evoking emotion from my readers or during standup.

**Casting Depot: **What major projects have you been a part of? **Angela Cavallari Walker: **I have done one commercial for Amway, I was a stand-in for Katherine Heigel during the production of the film, Killers. Additionally, I have done some standup comedy as well as some in-front and behind camera work for a travel magazine.

**Casting Depot: **What advice do you have for others who want to be a part of the industry? **Angela Cavallari Walker: **Be patient. This industry takes more hustle than any other job. 5.

**Casting Depot: **Do you have any exciting projects happening over the next six months? **Angela Cavallari Walker: **I am working on my second book and I am starting a new podcast called, The Divorce ShitShow.

**Casting Depot: **What do you think of Casting Depot and what advice do you have for future users? **Angela Cavallari Walker: **I am fairly new to Casting Depot so I can't speak to my experience just yet. TBD!