Q&A with Talk Show Host Karen Tappin


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

·2 min read

Karen Tappin is a multi-facited entrepreneur. She's the CEO of My Eponymous Beauty Brand and runs a podcast called "Karen Says Talk Show". We chatted with Karen to see what else she's been up to.

**Casting Depot: **Tell us what you do. **Karen Tappin: **I've been the CEO of my eponymous beauty brand, Karen's Body Beautiful for the past 17 years.

**Casting Depot: **What inspired you to work in entertainment? **Karen Tappin: **I had a run with my own talk show, 'Karen Says Talk Show' because I'm gregarious, personable and everyone loves me, lol!

**Casting Depot: **What major projects have you been a part of? **Karen Tappin: **My talk show, and I toured in 35 states, plus Paris promoting my brand.

**Casting Depot: **What advice do you have for others who want to be a part of the industry? **Karen Tappin: **Set realistic expectations and goals and then don't quit.

**Casting Depot: **Do you have any exciting projects happening over the next six months? **Karen Tappin: **I'm working on a few dope promotional projects for Karen's Body Beautiful and a few other opportunities.

**Casting Depot: **What do you think of Casting Depot and what advice do you have for future users? **Karen Tappin: **I think the user friendliness of the app is awesome!