Casting Depot V2 Beta Press Release 🚀


Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

·3 min read

Casting Depot is emerging as the industry’s professional network for all facets of the talent-booking process. With the intent to deepen their impact on the talent-booking workflow, the company just announced two new exciting features for users as part of their v2 beta launch - payroll processing and legal document management.

Co-founders Lacey Kaelani and Brad Larson have led Casting Depot through a 446% month over month increase in talent user growth. The site hosts calls from industry players like Netflix, HBOMax, Twitch, Bumble, Verizon, and HGTV.

Now, Casting Depot directly addresses the inefficiency in media-placement by offering complete end-to-end workflow tools - from talent discovery to job posting. Casting directors and companies can now process payroll and access legal documentation like NDAs, image release forms, and talent agreements. This functionality accommodates an increasingly wide variety of postings submitted to the site that call for all types of gigs, not just traditional talent.

The v2 beta launch directly addresses feedback given from the 12-week-run of v1 beta which was launched in late July. V1 created a social network which enabled unlimited access, and as an aggregated request from users, built out the complete end-to-end workflow process. However perfection is never finished, the team is still refining the product.

“By dropping the gates, we make it easy for everyone to have access to media and entertainment. Casting Depot is the go to network for creators and talent to engage and source gigs across the industry.”

The end-to-end market for on-camera placement is $28 Billion, and with 3,500 companies that book talent placement exclusively in the US, the market grew by 4.3% in 2020 alone. Despite this growth, discovery in the entertainment industry is outdated: opportunities live across multiple offline and online platforms, recruiting and processing talent payroll remain painfully expensive, and standardized legal documents aren’t integrated with talent bookings.

Casting Depot is backed by startup accelerator Antler, and comprises an advisory Board filled with industry experts from companies such as CAA, Airtime, iHeartMedia and S&P.

To sign up for Casting Depot, visit us at www.castingdepot.com/signup