How to Pursue A Career in Casting


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·5 min read

Interested in establishing a career in casting? That’s great! Everyone has a different path in life, however there are some tricks and tips for individuals looking to pursue a career in the industry. Casting is such an important part of the pre-production process and sometimes overlooked. Without the right talent even the greatest concept can flop.

Like many professional roles, casting requires a certain personality – someone who genuinely loves getting to know people. This position is very similar to a human resources position, but for on camera talent.

Below are some suggestions for aspiring professionals looking to break into the industry that may not have connections at the moment. Use this as a guide to aid you in navigating this new and exciting path you are about to embark on.

Make your resume stand out 🚀

If you don’t have casting credits just yet, don’t worry. Casting professionals come from all walks of life, however there are certain industries that may help you break into this one. List work experience that shows history of customer service. If you’re able to show that you love to engage with people, the hiring manager may be inclined to give you a chance.

Another sought-after work experience includes research-based jobs. A lot of the casting assistants job is researching industry trends, new ideas and talent. Listing a job that outlines your ability to conduct research could be extremely attractive to a hiring manager.

You may be doing a lot of the grunt work as an assistant. Include skills in your resume that show that you’re proficient with using online tools such as Google Drive, Microsoft Word/Excel, and navigating basic social media sites.

Apply to jobs online 📲

Use the resources that are readily available to you. You’re not going to find a lot of production jobs on generic career websites. That’s why there are industry specific sites. Ask around, Google it, or ask the Casting Depot community to point you in the right direction.

Network. Network. Network. 💫

If you’re in a major city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, there are likely networking groups for professionals. The industry is tight knit and supportive. Find a networking event that you can attend, bring your business card and begin to introduce yourself. Find a way to stand out - whether that be your business card, “pick up line”, or a unique call to action at the end of your conversation with someone. This may not result in a job immediately, but if you make a lasting impression on someone at the networking event - they will think of you in the future.

Casting lives in all aspects of the entertainment industry - theater, modeling agencies, television and so on. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a helpful tool to have if the end goal is to pursue a career in production. We encourage you to join the community as a casting professional. You may discover the next breakout star!