How to book on-camera gigs as an influencer


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·3 min read

In the world of on-camera gigs, there's unfortunately no playbook to success. However, as a casting network, we can point you in the right direction as to how to boost your profile to ensure you are seen by the casting directors on our platform. As an influencer on our site, you'll receive a fancy badge, receive exclusive invites to brands whom are looking to specifically book influencers, and more.

So, ready to get started? Here are some tips & tricks as to how to stand out:

1. Onboard as an influencer📲

Users that submit their profiles to have an influencer badge will undergo an interal review by the Casting Depot team. You'll be notified as to when and if your profile has been verified by the team. You can submit for an influencer verification badge by heading to 👉 www.castingdepot.com/influencer

2. Fill out your profile as much as possible🔥

Attaching your social links, additional media uploads, and titles/skills tags will have a big impact on your profile standing out. Use the description section of your profile to outline your goals and interests. It'll help job posters get to know you! Additionally - the more you fill out your profile, the more acurate the castings we show you in your feed will be.

3. Be active in Casting Depot groups 🚀

In our groups feature, sub communities have active daily conversations sharing resources, castings, and projects they're working on. The more active you are within the Casting Depot community, the more opportunities will come your way from other users!

While it's a small list, these three tips will help your profile stand out from the crowd. Get started today by heading to www.castingdeopt.com/influencer