Five Insider Tips From Successful Publicists


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·4 min read

Whether a content creator, an aspiring host, or simply someone looking to build a personal brand, marketing branded material to the world is critical. With countless online platforms and streaming opportunities, there have never been so many ways to make your mark. On the flip side, there has also never been so much competition.

So how do you stand out? We reached out to some of the best publicists who gave us their insider tips.

  • David, DHC Publishing “People want stories of the underdog, the dark horse, rising star, difficult background but overcame. Supporters and clients may not come from what you offer, but who you are, what you stand for, overcame, and how they relate to you. Don't always focus on how great what your offering is, but how great your story is.”

    Demia, The Couture Agency “I always tell my clients that their website and social media platforms need to be stellar. This is your first introduction to the world, and you never get a second chance at a first hello. Hire on help to create beautiful social media and online presence. Iphone's can create beautiful photos. but hire a professional photographer to capture you in your essence.”

    Michael, MTS Management Group “Be authentic. Be yourself. Don't follow trends. Do what is truly YOU, and don't try to be someone else.”

    Krista, KGPR“I start by putting the words, ‘First Ever’ in front of their title or talent. I sit them down and dig deep into their craft to find out what scares them the most. What risks they would take if there were no possibility of failure and then we boldly set out to do it FIRST."

    Natasha, Natasha Dressler PR “I like to find clients that have unique content, make me stop in my tracks from scrolling past them on social media, and exhibit a strong drive to disrupt the norm. A unique presence will get you noticed and not glazed over in an already saturated marketplace of individuals trying to get noticed.”

Marketing is just what it sounds like: taking concrete steps to bring your content to the market you’re operating in. You don’t need your own publicist to market yourself; you are your own best advocate.

There may not be a team behind you yet, but that’s okay! What you can do is build meaningful connections amongst your peers who can spread your content. Collaborate with other creators and reach out to journalists. Anonymity is the biggest impediment to success, so don’t be afraid to put in the work.