Comedian Jeremy Nunes Sits Down With Casting Depot


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Comedian Jeremy Nunes has appeared in "The Break-Up", "Last Comic Standing" a 2 PBS mini-series, Comcast on Demand, a National Geographic Special, and heard on ESPN Radio. He's been around the block! Jeremy's clean and witty comedy show has been in demand for 18 years, mainly because of his clever observations, unique storytelling style, and ability to improvise with his audience. Nunes sat down with us to discuss his career and lessons learned in comedy.

What’s your full name and occupation?
Jeremy Nunes, Comedian.

Tell us about you and your career.
I started comedy in 2002, and shortly after graduated from The Second City in Chicago. I went full time in 2007, making more money and performing at more shows every year, until Covid. I thought the worst thing about being in comedy was hearing nothing but coughs. Now, hearing a cough shuts down a show all together!

Tell us about your credits.
My credits include Visa, Mastercard, and stand-up specials on Dry Bar Comedy and Amazon Prime.

Did you have to make difficult choices and what are the lessons learned?
After many people started having frustrations with lockdowns, I made a difficult choice to partner with venues to do secret shows, almost like an old time speakeasy. So, I was able to make a little money by breaking the law. The lesson is sometimes it pays to break the law, as it has ever since I started stealing my neighbor's cable.

What advice do you have for people looking to break into the industry?
As the old saying goes, “In order to gain anything, you must first lose everything.” A full commitment requires seven days a week of sacrifice of your time, your finances, your thoughts. That commitment will cause friends and colleagues to drift away and your bank account to shrink. But believe me, once you sniff success, they all come out of the woodwork!

What are your favorite shows/film?
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Crashing, The Office.

How can we find you online?

Facebook channel