Clarice Quinn Taylor Chats Culture Slate and Podcasting


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Clarice Quinn Taylor has been a social media influencer for over 10 years. They spend their time to learn more about social media marketing strategies. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with their friends and family, going to the beach and enjoying the freedom they have been granted by building up a successful business that allows them to travel and work from home.

Tell us about your company. What projects have you worked on?
Culture Slate is a new entertainment media start-up that myself, and the CEO Chris Seekell created out of our living room and to date we have gotten more than 4 million views on our articles on our website and over 100k followers on facebook. We’ve also created various podcasts and series on our YouTube channel, Culture Slate.

What are you working on right now? Anything cool?
We just launched our first major podcast ‘Star Wars Culture’ a weekly live podcast where we discuss interesting topics and interview authors, celebrities, and other podcasters about everything and anything Star Wars. The focus of Star Wars Culture is to bring together as many diverse voices into one place to discuss the thing that bonds us all together. Star Wars.

What’s your favorite TV show of 2021?
Wandavision, but Star Wars The Bad Batch premiers May 4th so it is about to be overshadowed.

What’s one thing you do often that inspires you to continue to create?
Inspiration comes to me in many different ways. I consumer other creatives’ work on a daily basis whether that’d be music videos, visualizers, recaps, movies and etc. which often links me to tie their visual components to an artist’s demo. More often than not, I plug my headphones in, go for a walk and let my mind run free with imagination. This could result in a simple idea for a shot or a complex storyline music video. Sometimes inspiration just hits you out of nowhere. But those two really help me get the creative juices flowing.

This or that - Netflix or Disney+?
Disney+ for sure.

What advice do you have for others looking to break into the industry?
My biggest tip? Don’t diversify too much. The biggest mistake I have seen in my over 10 years in this industry is stretching yourself out too much. You should think to yourself, what are the two or three social media platforms that you can maximize and focus all of your time on? ‘Would you like to be really good at a few things or sort of good at a lot of things,’ is what I ask myself

What’s one insider tip to success you’d give for others in 2021?
Everyone has a passion, and if you share that passion others will find you. Not everyone will make it big but you miss 100% of shots you don’t make.

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