Acing Your Audition


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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One of the most daunting - and important - skills to master is the ability to confidently audition. For actors just beginning in their careers, reading lines in front of casting directors and producers can be especially intimidating. Luckily, Casting Depot has you covered.

Getting an Audition on Casting Depot 💫

How do you land a gig? Where do you go, what do you do and how do you do it? These are common questions every actor has when first starting out. You’re not alone. That’s why we created Casting Depot - the only social networking and booking site for every type of on-camera talent to connect with media professionals. Whether you’re a talk show host, background actor or aspiring theatrical actor - we’re here to help your career flourish.

Submitting for auditions on Casting Depot is easy. Filter through hundreds of casting notices on your Feed and apply to what roles fit you. However, fully fill out your profile first to increase your chances of being booked. Visit our FAQ section if you need help navigating how.

What You Need to Audition 🎬

    Headshot and Resume
    These are the two essentials for actors with any sort of prior experience. Your headshot is just what it sounds like: a simple yet professional photo. Don’t get too fancy. Your resume offers further background on your experience and skills.

    Demo reels should be about a minute and a half long showcasing your talent. There should be a title slate that includes your full name and contact information. If you’re active on social media, share that information as well. If possible, use high-res videos that show the range of talent you have.

    If lines are given in advance to read, memorize them. Generally a casting call will provide pre-audition information including any documents that need to be prepared in advance. Read this information carefully. Never audition without being prepared! It’ll show the casting director that you don’t respect their time.

    If possible, do some research on the project beforehand. For instance, if you’re auditioning for a show that’s had multiple seasons - watch a few episodes. If you’re auditioning for a musical that’s based off of a best-selling book, read a few pages. The more you know the content, the more it’ll show in your audition.

What Should I Wear? 👕

    Wear an outfit that boosts confidence. If you don’t feel good about the way you look in your outfit, it’ll come across on tape.

    Always be ‘camera-ready’. Wear something that emulates the role you’re auditioning for. Unless noted otherwise, treat the audition as if you’re going to be on camera. Would you want to be in sweats and a t-shirt on your big audition tape?

How Do I Self-Tape an Audition? 🎥

    Look Your Best
    Self-tapes are a first impression to the casting director. Be connected to good WIFI, in a quiet space and with your camera propped up against something so that you’re not holding it. Any source of lighting should be coming from behind the camera (not from behind you). Lastly, avoid neutral colors that match your background. Bright colors are generally prefered.

What About After the Audition? 🚀

    Take Notes Afterwards
    Keeping an audition journal is a great way to keep track of the roles you read for, and to learn from your past experiences. Write down what went well, or not so well. Auditioning is a learning process, and it gets easier the more you do it.

Put in the work beforehand, take a deep breath, and give it your best. Even if you miss out on the role, you might make an impression on the casting director for future projects. Continue to practice your craft, take notes from your experiences, and keep up with Casting Depot. You deserve to be on screen, and we’re here to make that happen.

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