Abir Hashem Chats Music Videos, Sisualizers, and Creating Documentary Series


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Abir Hashem is a 21-year-old Canadian visual artist from a small city called Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. He initially was brought into the music industry at the bold age of 18 in the middle of his senior year of high school… funny enough through an Instagram DM from Drake’s Tour Manager to go on a nationwide tour with G-Eazy’s opening act. After some deliberation, he instead got flown into Toronto, Canada to film two nights at a venue called ‘The Shrine’ for G-Eazy’s “Beautiful & Damned: North American Tour.”

From that crazy opportunity, he was able to turn that into working as a tastemaker for artists through different avenues such as videography, photography, editing, animating, and being a stage & graphic designer. These skill sets have allowed him to work with different artists of different backgrounds such as Anthony Russo, G-Eazy, Marshmello, inverness, Jack Harlow, jackson lee morgan, Carly Rose, Dounia, Leven Kali and etc. With his age & experience, he still has a lot to learn and curate his taste but I’m confident enough to say that it is just the beginning of his flourishing career.

Tell us about your credits. What have you worked on?
I’ve worked on plenty of music videos, visualizers, cover arts and documentary series for artists such as Anthony Russo, Christian French, jackson lee morgan, inverness, Carly Rose and etc. I was also able to animate cover arts and social assets such as trailers for G-Eazy’s single/album release campaigns. In 2021 I was able to design an one-hours’ worth of stage visuals for a virtual live concert for Christian French under Moment House.

What are you working on right now? Anything cool?
I’m just wrapping up some final touches for Anthony Russo’s new EP called ‘BLUE’. The project has eight songs that is attached with either a visualizer or a music video. This is all set to come out in Spring of 2021. But I actually have a cover art and music video coming out on February 18th, 2021 with jackson lee morgan called ‘wayside’! It will be one of the most vibrant things I’ve made so far in my career!

What’s your favorite TV show of 2021?
My favorite show of 2021 is ‘Community.’ If ‘The Office’ didn’t exist most people would be more swayed to watch it. The directing, the writing, the cast and how it’s able to balance comedic and emotional beats is done terrifically well. Also, Donald Glover is in it and I love everything he does creatively! I can’t not recommend it enough! Go watch it!

What’s one thing you do often that inspires you to continue to create?
Inspiration comes to me in many different ways. I consumer other creatives’ work on a daily basis whether that’d be music videos, visualizers, recaps, movies and etc. which often links me to tie their visual components to an artist’s demo. More often than not, I plug my headphones in, go for a walk and let my mind run free with imagination. This could result in a simple idea for a shot or a complex storyline music video. Sometimes inspiration just hits you out of nowhere. But those two really help me get the creative juices flowing.

What advice do you have for others looking to break into the industry?
My advice would be to keep being persistent no matter how hard it gets. So many people just want to see the short-term result and when they don’t receive it… they quit. This industry is made up of a lot of creatives who are hungry, want to succeed and end up rewarding whoever puts in the most effort.

What’s one insider tip to success you’d give for others in 2021?
Try to diversify your portfolio and learn new tricks & different outlets of art. The more you open yourself up to learn and try new things, the more opportunities open up. Try not to be so comfortable. Comfortability is a career killer! Your website and link to online video, if any.