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Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Rio Rocket is a multi-hyphenate film, television, and voice actor who has a recurring role on the ABC TV Series, For Life and motivational spokesperson for Lowe's Companies. He's been featured in publications such as SUCCESS, AUTHORITY, BillionSuccess and Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global Magazine.

He sat down with us to share his story along with tips and tricks into breaking into the industry as an actor.

Tell us about your credits. What have you worked on?

I was fortunate to work on the ABC TV Series, For Life last year and now we're in our second season. The series is inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr., who was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison. He studied to become a lawyer while serving and overturned his sentence. For the past three years, I have worked with Lowe's Companies as their motivational spokesperson which has been an absolute dream. I travel down to their headquarters in Mooresville and Charlotte, NC approximately three times per year for various productions. I've also been fortunate enough to work on other exciting projects such as Alter Boy: The Series, a full advertising campaign for Jack Black Skincare and VOG (Voice of God) for John Jay College's annual Commencement Ceremony at Arthur Ashe Stadium in front of ten thousand people for three consecutive years.

What are you working on right now? Anything cool?

I'm currently working on my new podcast Design Your Decade: Journey to the C-Suite. An interactive professional development podcast that puts comedy and career growth in a blender and serves you a simple yet superb smoothie that's guaranteed to not cause brain-freeze. I host the show with co-host Rosann Santos and it's accessible on every major podcasting app and platform. It's been a blast to educate and entertain with this new platform while delivering my knowledge through audio performance.

What advice do you have for others looking to break into the industry?

If you're looking to break into acting successfully begin by finding a mentor and a private coach. This is what I did initially. It's good to get a one-on-one assessment of what raw materials you have to work with. A mentor or coach will also be able to offer you guidance as to which career path may offer you the least resistance. Afterward take a class, study improvisation, workshop, rehearse, audition and repeat. Also get a professional headshot taken and build your online and social presence.

What’s one insider tip to success you’d give for others in 2021?

Take massive action in developing the skills you need in your profession. Right now we are at odds, not just with others in our field, but also with robotics and artificial intelligence. There are applications that can create entire music albums such as *I AM AI* by Taryn Southern. There are now technologies that can create artificially intelligent virtual actors as seen in *Gemini Man* with Will Smith. You're competing against that now. Your skills have to be so well-developed and honed to compete at a higher level these days. You have to be so unique that you are undeniable. You have to be so good in your auditions and performances that the casting director or audience wants to leave the room with you.

What’s your favorite TV show of 2020?

Right now it's a toss-up between *Umbrella Academy* and *The Queen's Gambit*. I go crazy for the superhero genre and *Umbrella Academy* is just pure, brilliant fun and imagination let loose onto film. *The Queen's Gambit* appeals to my sensibilities of talent and genius put to action. Anya Taylor-Joy's character is incredibly deep and compelling.

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