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Lacey Kaelani

Lacey Kaelani

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You're on the hunt for TV rec's and you've landed upon this article. Welcome 👋🏻

My name is Lacey and I'm the Co-Founder of Casting Depot. A big part of my job is knowing what's good and what's hot on TV. I get a lot of requests asking for recommendations, so I thought it might be helpful to keep an updated list to share with the community. Here's what I'm streaming in December:

1. A Teacher (Hulu)
It's sultry and dangerous. Watch this if you're alone on a Friday night or if you have a soft spot for Twilight.

2. Netflix vs. The World (Amazon Prime)
I still remember Netflix when it was a DVD company. I also remember the slow and painful death of Blockbuster. If you can relate, you'll like this documentary.

3. Booksmart (Netflix)
This is the ultimate story of friendship... in 2020. I was hooked within 30 seconds of watching this.

4. Succession (HBO)
I binged both seasons within two weeks (don't judge me). This drama series is a healthy mix between House of Cards and Gossip Girl.

5. Silicon Valley (HBO)
An old one but still hilarious. Give this a whirl if you need a good laugh.

6. The Race That Eats It's Young (Amazon Prime)
A moving documentary about athletes who embark on the challenge of a lifetime. Pair this movie with ice cream.

& here's what the Casting Depot team is watching:

The Great British Bakeoff (Netflix)
- Theo, Junior Engineer @ Casting Depot

Breaking Bad (Netflix)
- Brad, Chief Technology Officer @ Casting Depot
Big Mouth (Netflix)
- Jocelyn, Product Intern @ Casting Depot
Glow (Netflix)
- Josh, Head of Design @ Casting Depot
Borgen (Netflix)
- Ty, Engineer @ Casting Depot
Twilight Zone (CBS)
- Jake, Advisor @ Casting Depot

And that's our list for this month. If you have shows that you're binging that we should watch, tweet us! Find us on Twitter here.