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What We’re Streaming on Quibi Day 1

Ben Russell
Ben Russell

Streaming service lovers listen up: A binge-worthy service created for mobile, Quibi, is set to launch on April 6, 2020 and the excitement is difficult to contain.

Chairman and founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman have raised $1.75 billion in order to fund the platform’s content purchases. Made of short segments for your phone called “quick bites”, Quibi’s content will be made up of three categories: 35 Movies in Chapters, 120 unscripted and documentary series, and 25 daily essential shows. Quibi plans on releasing 8,500 “quick bites” and 175 shows in its first year. Even better: the company recently released its 50 show launch lineup - all ready to stream day one.

Movies in Chapters Movies in Chapters are full-length films made up of 4-10 minute chapters, with new chapters being released every single day. Here’s what you can expect day one:

  • Survive: Survive, based on a best-selling novel written by Alex Morel, stars Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins. The story follows their characters as they’re brought together after surviving a deadly plane crash in the middle of nowhere. The story follows the pair as they have to work together in order to stay alive in the wilderness.

    When the Streetlights Go On: After a young woman is murdered, her sister and peers struggle to continue with their everyday lives. This coming-of-age murder mystery was adapted from the Black List feature script by writers Chris Hutton and Eddie O’Keefe.

    Flipped: Jann and Cricket have plans to become the best house-flipping duo until they are faced with a new project: renovating a Mexican drug cartel’s mansion. Directed by Ryan Case and starring Kaitlin Olson, Will Forte, Andy Garcia, Arturo Catstro, and Eva Longoria.

    Most Dangerous Game: Dodge Maynard wants to take care of his pregnant wife, especially now when he is faced with a terminal illness. In this dystopian-thriller, Dodge Maynard, played by Liam Hemsworth, agrees to participate in a deadly game in hopes of being able to take care of his family financially. Directed by Phil Abraham and written by Nick Santora.

    Unscripted and Documentary series
  • Chrissy’s Court: Hosted by Chrissy Teigen, Chrissy’s Court will have Teigen dominate as the “judge” in small-claims cases.

    Dishmantled: A cooking competition show hosted by Tituss Burgess, Dishmantled will be filled with mystery foods being cannon-blasted onto the faces of two blindfolded chefs. Identify the dish and recreate it to win the cash prize.

    Run This City: This series follows Jasiel Correia II, former mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, as the town’s youngest ever elected to office. Faced with various fraud charges, Correia decides to fight back to clear his name.

    Gone Mental with Lior: James Corden will be producing a mind-reading show Gone Mental with Lior. The show will be starring celebrity mentalist Lior Suchard and will feature celebrity guests such as Zooey Deschanel, Ben Stiller, Rob Grownkowski, and much more.

    The Sauce: In this competition series we follow dancers Ayo and Teo as they travel to uncover the diverse dance cultures across the U.S. Watch as they find the greatest talent to compete for a cash prize.

    Shape of Pasta: Hosted by Chef Evan Funke, this series takes the audience on an Italian gastronomic journey to reveal the wonders and masters of pasta.

    Elba vs Block: Watch Idris Elba and world renowned driver Ken Block as they face off in a series of car stunts to prove which driver and which car is the best of the best.

    Gayme Show: Comedians Dave Mizzoni and Matt Rogers host a competition show that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Two straight contestants are paired with a celebrity “life partner” as they compete in a series of challenges for the title of “Queen of the Straights”.

    Prodigy: Megan Rapinoe, Women’s Soccer world champion, hosts Prodigy, a show all about extraordinary and never-before-seen accomplishments in sports.

    You Ain’t Got These: A show all about the exploration of sneaker culture, You Ain’t Got These will talk about creativity, race, politics, class and how these affect self expression in the form of shoes.

    Murder House Flip: Join home renovation experts Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch as they take on the challenge of renovating houses infamous for mysterious murders. Watch as the two experts turn houses with mysterious pasts into houses with breathtaking futures.

    Thanks a Million: The greatest thing about kindness is that it is infectious. In each episode, watch as celebrities such as Nick Jonas, Kristen Bell, and Kevin Hart gift $100,000 to someone. Over the course of 10 episodes $1 million will be given to people who will then pay it forward.

    Singled Out: Actress Keke Palmer and comedian Joel Kim come together to host a show dedicated to help singles of all genders and sexual orientations find love. With an emphasis on social media, the main dater will be connected to all the singles through social media.

    NightGowns: Follow Sasha Velour, former RuPaul contestant, through an eight-episode series, as she prepares for a full-on stage production adaptation of her Brooklyn drag revue. Filled with wildly creative work, lip-sync performances, and the biggest drag showcase of Sasha Velour’s career, this show will leave you wanting for more.

    Fierce Queens: A nature series from BBC Studios and narrated by Reese Witherspoon, Fierce Queens delves into the world of the animal kingdom and explores the fierce females that inhabit it.

    Punk’d: Hosted by Chance the Rapper, this iconic rebooted show will have the ultimate hidden camera tricks and pranks you definitely won’t want to miss.

    Nikki Fre$sh: In this comedy series Nicole Richie will be using her alter ego, Nikki Fre$sh, to combine her love for wellness and hip-hop.

    Skrrt with Offset: Get ready for a unique auto experience as host and executive producer Kiari “Offset” Cephus explores the world of sports and luxury cars. Expect to see guests like Dapper Dan, Jay Leno, Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B to join this unique ride.

    &Music: Scooter Braun will be producing the docuseries &Music, which will display the behind-the-scenes of the music industry showcasing stage designers, choreographers, and much more. Scooter Braun will also be producing and judging a music competition series, as well as executive producing a celebrity tattoo docuseries, and “Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato”.

Daily Essentials These are 6 minute “quick bites” of news, lifestyle, and entertainment programming.

Fashion’s a Drag: A daily fashion review talk show hosted by model Willam Belli and supermodel Denis Bidot, Fashion’s a Drag will explore the latest fashion trends candidly with Belli’s closest drag friends.

Last Night’s Late Night: Expect a recap of everything that happened in late-night television the morning after with this show. Hosted by Heather Garder, Last Night’s Late Night will have you all caught up with the best moments you may have missed the night before.

Hot off the Mic: Get your daily dose of stand-up comedy with this show that will showcase the up and coming as well as established talent in the stand-up industry.

The Nod with Brittany & Eric: Adapted from a popular podcast to a Quibi show, this black culture show starring hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings will explore trends and headlines that has everyone talking about. Expect your daily talks with musicians, artists, writers, thinkers, and much more.

Sexology with Shan Boodram: Certified sexologist, intimacy expert, and bestselling author Shan Boodram will help viewers by educating them on the world of relationships, intimacy, and dating.

The Rachel Hollis Show: Get your daily dose of inspiration with this motivational talk-show hosted by Rachel Hollis. A daily morning show, The Rachel Hollis Show has the perfect balance of inspirational and realistic content, all the while making you fold over from laughter.

The Daily Chill:

Brands like E!, TMZ, Fandago, Telemundo, Rotten Tomatoes, and Polygon will also have daily shows such as “Pulso News by Telemundo”, “Close Up by E! News”, “Speedrun by Polygon”, and “Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes”. We can also expect shows from The Dodo, TSN, and ESPN.

Customers who sign up before the launch date will receive a 90-day free trial. After that, subscribers can pay a monthly fee of $4.99 to receive the platform’s services with ads or $7.99 to receive ad-free content.

We’ll undoubtedly be streaming Prodigy and Flipped as soon as possible. So - what will you be streaming on Quibi?

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