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Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

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Valonda Calloway has a list of incredible credits. From being a TV host for Fox 50 and hosting the North Carolina Lottery, she also just released a book. Titled, "Tips From The TV Lady: A Guide For Making A Great Impression On Camera And In Person", Valonda shares what she’s learned over her 20 plus years in front of the camera as a news anchor, reporter, host, and spokesperson. Her book provides practical tips for improving how you look and communicate, whether it’s in front of a web camera or in person. She sat down with us to discuss tips & tricks.

In the wake of COVID, interviews are all remote. What advice do you have for people about to go on their first audition or about to be interviewed on camera?

    1.Make eye contact. Be sure to look into the webcam, not the computer screen or a separate monitor you may have connected to your computer.

    2.Light yourself properly. Two lights on each side of you, about a foot above your head, is ideal. A ring light with a direct path to your face also works well.

    3.Everyone should wear makeup, including men. Appearing on camera without makeup can cause distractions. Audiences will notice, and may be distracted by, dark circles under the eyes, a shiny forehead, or redness in the cheeks.

Tell us about your credits. What have you worked on?

    1. Beginning November 28th through Christmas I will play Val The Elf on the Santa Stream app.

    2.A holiday commercial I shot for Harris Teeter grocery store is airing on TV now.

    3.I’m on TV in commercials now as the spokesperson for University Ford in Durham, NC

    4.I acted in a commercial for Aflac insurance over the summer that I shot at my home with the director directing me via Google Meet.

    5.I am the host of Inside Look on Fox 50 in Raleigh, NC which features local businesses.

Are you working on anything cool right now?
I am promoting my new book Tips From The TV Lady, A Guide For Making A Great Impression On Camera and In Person.

How do you feel about the casting process? Easy, hard? How did you first navigate it?
It’s hard. I haven’t been acting very long, only since 2016. I have a lot of experience as a television spokesperson, host and news anchor. I have navigated the transition to acting by leaning into the traits from my television experience that are relevant to acting. These include knowing how to come across as genuine and knowing how to use my facial expressions, vocal tone and body movements to connect with an audience. I’m also a teleprompter reading machine!

What’s your favorite TV show of 2020?
Black-ish (and The Neighborhood)

How can we find you online?


Aflac commercial

University Ford commercial

Fox 50