The Holiday Gift Guide for Actors


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

·4 min read

The holiday season is here and it's time to put together the gift list. Sometimes present hunting can be difficult for your actor friends, so we made it easy for you. Here are some things that they'll love:

1. Coffee mugs that help their day get started.

You can shop the mug here.

2. Shakespeare tea to go with the coffee mug.

Shakespeare can really inspire creativity. Pair this tea set with the mug.

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3. Audition log journals.

It's helpful when actors can log their journey to success to track their progress.

You can shop the book here.

4. Lighting for their auditions.

Auditioning at home can be a pain, especially when it comes to lighting. This will help make sure they break a leg during with the casting director.

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5. Inspire them at home.

The theater friend of yours will LOVE this art.

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6. Encourage them to train.

Something like this is a very thoughtful gift for both beginners and pro's. Practice makes perfect!

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7. Get into the mind of a casting director.

The casting world is tricky to navigate, and this book gives some insights.

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8. Something for game night.

Tired of playing charades? Get them a game that'll test their knowledge.

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9. Put them in the drivers seat.

Trust us... they'll find a space in their home for something as cool as this.

You can shop the chair here.

10. Gift them the coolest whiteboard.

A pretty cool gift for someone who likes to keep notes, but hates notepads, in their office.

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Do you have suggestions to add to this guide? Did you get a gift off of this list and loved it? Reach out! Contact us here.