Nicolas Cage to star in new Amazon Series


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

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Highfire, a new TV series being developed by Amazon, is based on the adult thriller novel by Eoin Colfer (author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl) and will star Nicolas Cage as the voice of the lead character and executive producer.

The book is described as a mix of Pete’s Dragon and True Detective, and is being adapted for television by Davey Holmes, who is the executive producer and creator of Epix’s Get Shorty TV series.

Highfire is a live-action, genre bending, crime-thriller with a shot of grit and realistic magic. Highfire (portrayed by Cage) is the main character. The vodka- loving dragon Highfire calls the bayous of Louisiana home, and lives there in isolation.

Let’s get into the details of Highfire: Long ago, dragons were the rulers of the world. Lord Highfire was the king of dragons, and took charge of his kingdom from his eyrie. However, in the context of Highfire, this is not a once upon a time story; this is today. In present times, Lord Highfire reigns from a beat up shack in Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana. (Womp womp.) Highfire is now known as ‘Vern,’ and spends his days hidden amongst alligators, binging cable-TV, and drinking a ridiculous amount of vodka to get through his days. Some might not call this a life, but he is alive, and that’s something. Vern will do anything he has to do to continue to stay alive, even if it requires an amount of violence. One day, Vern meets Squib, a human teen who’s gotten himself into trouble while working as a booze runner for the local mob. Their shared struggles for survival collide, and result in an unlikely friendship.

Holmes and Cage executive produced at the MGM/UA Television studio alongside Andre Mittman of 1.21 through his exclusive production deal with MGM/UA TV.