4 Line-Memorization Apps Every Type of On-Camera Talent Should Utilize


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

·2 min read

If you're preparing for an audition, chances are that you could use some help memorizing lines. That's why we've compiled a list of effective and affordable app options for on-camera talent who are on the go.

  • [Rehersal App, Pro](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rehearsal-pro/id1116896197) Need a place that both stores your lines and helps you learn them at the same time? This app is for you. It also allows you to highlight and markup your paper as you please, AND allows you to break down your script into your scenes.

    Price: $20/month

    coldRead ColdRead uses a sophisticated algorithm that detects when you finish speaking, then playing the following line back. It also has a built-in teleprompter and self-tape feature which is great for training on-camera hosts. Impressive, no?

    Price: Free + in-app upgrades

    Memy Memory progressively hides words until all are gone. Read the text aloud a few times, and then hit the "hide" button, prompting a few random words that become hidden.

    Price: Free + in-app upgrades

    Line Learner LineLearner helps actors learn their lines, while also enabling users to record and store scenes from plays. There is also a script sharing feature.

    Price: $4/month

Don't be the person that didn't remember their lines. That's the worst! Use these apps to help you unlock the power of memorization so you can nail your big day.