How to get Verified on Casting Depot


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·7 min read

We're stoked that you decided to take the next big step in your entertainment career by making a Talent Profile on Casting Depot. If you want to be noticed by top production companies then your best bet is to make your profile shine bright like a diamond.

Filling out your profile to completion is the best way to prove that you are serious about booking quality gigs. Your Casting Depot profile is a professional entertainment resume and your first impression on Casting Directors.

Once verified by our team, your profile is fully visible to all Casting Depot users. Keep in mind, a verified profile is more than just a good way to broadcast your skills to the people that matter. A fleshed out profile ensures that our algorithim repopulates your feed with productions and gigs that are most relevant to you based on the info you share.

1. Create your account.

If you haven't yet created a Casting Depot Talent Profile, then you should onboard now to start finding available roles. It's a smooth proccess that shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete. Simply enter your email address and click the link that is sent to your inbox. No password required!

If you're interested in applying for gigs with your new profile, make sure to select "I Am Talent Seeking Work"

2. Edit Your Profile.

Once you have successfully created your Talent Profile you will be able to message production companies and apply for roles. But remember-- the best way to stand out and verify your profile is to saturate it with clean details and quality content. After creating your profile, you will always have the opportunity to make changes and customize the info included.

If you're looking at your profile you might see something that could be better. You can click the link to edit directly from the profile, or simply navigate to Account Settings and select Edit Profile to make the change.

3. Add All The Details!

Profile Specifics:

Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Location, etc. The attributes in this section are definitely basic, but absolutey essential. Forgetting to fill out even one could prevent you from being included in an initial line up.

Special Talents:

A lot of us can deliver a snappy line on the spot, but unique skills really make a talented actor stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether it's juggling, pole vaulting, bartending, or card tricks; it's a good idea to comb through our bank of skills and include any that fit your background. These skills will help dictate which searches you will be featured in when directors are filling roles!

Size Information:

Some roles are limited by sizing and some productions are only looking for certain types. With that in mind make sure you fill out the size options and be as honest as possible, there is only one you! Our sizing section is designed to be gender neutral - so know that the sizing will show up to casting directors exactly as you set it.

Profile Media:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why profiles with multiple photos and videos perform better than those with very little. Take a moment to curate a collection that shows you at your best. High resolution photos and videos that have some personality are the way to go.