How To Get On A Gameshow


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

·5 min read

The best part about casting for a gameshow is that anyone excitable enough can be a contestant. Whether it's Who Wants To Be A Billionaire or Family Feud, there's a big enough casting market for (almost) anyone and everyone to apply to be considered for an episode. So - how DO you get on a gameshow? What do casting directors look for? We broke it down into a few suggestions to help you get started if you're thinking about applying:

Be yourself.

Everyone says this but it's even more important when being on a gameshow. Viewers fall in love with the contestant because of who they are and the authenticity of their personality. So, yes, be yourself. If you love wearing funky socks or are obsessed with wearing your hair a certain way - do it. The casting director will appreciate you being unapologetically yourself.

Pro tip: When you're filling out an application to be on a gameshow, be honest and opinionated with your answers. Make sure that what you write shows off who you are.

Know if you qualify before you apply.

If you're applying to be on a trivia gameshow, make sure you know enough trivia that you're confident enough that you'd win. You don't need to be an expert, but you should be qualified. This goes for any topic-specific gameshow casting out there. Don't waste the posters time and energy if you're completely not qualified.

Think of your story.

You'll most likely be asked "why should we pick you?". This is such a tough question to answer - we get it. Think about what makes you and your story unique, why that makes you qualified, and what makes you relatable to the show's audience. If you can convey that answer in one or two sentences, you'll be one step closer to being cast.

Be a fan of the show.

If it's a reoccurring show that's been on TV for multiple seasons, chances are the casting director will want to know if you're a fan of the show. If you are - let them know why. If you haven't seen the show before - be honest. However, it's always good practice to read up on the casting beforehand so that you're prepared for the types of questions the casting director will ask you.

Put yourself out there.

We always encourage aspiring on-camera talent to apply to their dream gigs. What's the worse that could happen if you apply? You'll never know what kinds of shows you can book if youd don't apply. Remember to put yourself out there and shoot your shot. You may surprise yourself on the responses you get.

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