How To Add Press To Your Profile


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

·3 min read

If you've been working in the talent industry long enough then chances are you've received some quality press that you definitely want casting directors to know about.

We saw that coming from a mile away! We wanted to help you brag in a low key way, so we created a section in your talent profile specifically designated to host snippets and articles that have been written about your work. This way if an interested production is checking out your profile they can stumble across exactly what you want them to see without having to dig through search results on Google. Success!

1. Navigate To Edit Profile

2. Add Snippets or Articles of Your Work.

3. You Can Alway Come Back to Add Details Later

4. Visit Your Profile To Review the Newly Added Press

If you haven't yet created a Casting Depot Talent Profile, then you should onboard now to start finding available roles. It's a smooth proccess that shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete. Simply enter your email address and click the link that is sent to your inbox. No password required!

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