HBO's Succession Announces New Cast Member - Adrien Brody


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Anyone else a Succession fan here? If you grinned and said "heck yeah", then the Casting Depot team has some awesome news for you about the upcoming season.

HBO just announced the newest cast lineup and they've added a familiar face to the team. Adrien Brody, Oscar winner and producer, is set to play a character that gets in the middle of the Waystar Royco family war. His character - Josh Aaronson - is a billionaire activist with plans of stirring up some serious drama.

In addition to Brody, new cast members include Linda Emond, Hope Davis, Alexander Skarsgård, Sanaa Lathan, and South Korean singer and actress Jihae. You'll also see some old faces including Justine Lupe (Connor's girlfriend Willa), Fisher Stevens (the crisis manager), and David Rasche (CFO Karl Muller) - all of whom have been promoted to season regulars.

Yes - this means we MAY get to finally see Willa's Broadway play. Yes - this means we may get answers to Kendall finally stealing the business away from Logan. Yes - this means you should get the popcorn ready.

Season three is already filming in New York - directed by Cathy Yan and Lorene Scafaria.