Creator Dashboard Features - Manage, Interview & Cast Applicants


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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Now that you've posted a production and are receiving applicants, you're ready to start moving them along the casting process. While every casting has different needs and workflow, here are some cool things you can do to make the Casting Depot tools work for you:

Manage applicants.

See who has applied to your production by clicking Applied. This is your admin view of people that want to be cast for your project.

Here you'll be able to filter applicants, review questionnaire answers, message users, and move people along the casting process.

Invite users to apply.

Promote your casting by inviting users to apply. We've built special features that allow you to filter ideal applicants by attributes such as location, gender, eye color and more.

Click Invite to Production and you'll be asked to confirm. If you'd like to personalize your message to users, write your message in the box before sending. Users will receive your message to their DM's.

Use the Yes, Maybe, and No buttons on the top to toggle between applicants you've already filtered through.

Invite applicants to audition.

There are four types of audition capabilities on Casting Depot:

๐Ÿ  On Location
Send information to your aplicants for in-person auditions.

๐ŸŽฅ Open Audition
Holding an audition open to the public? By inviting talent to an open audition, they'll get public information for that call while you maintain on-site control over audition scheduling.

๐ŸŽญ Remote Video
Use this feature as a replacement to your Skype or Zoom calls. Casting Depot will generate a unique and private audition room URL for each call you make.

๐ŸŽฌ Self Submit
Talent is responsible for following the instructions provided in your role attachments and will self record and submit their audition tape.

Edit & view your production.

To view a snapshot of your production, click Production Details on the top right corner of your screen. To Need to make edits? Click Edit Production underneath the the title of that listing under My Productions.

If you have questions about navigating the casting process or want to give feedback - we encourage you to reach out! You can contact us here.