A Casting Review - Netflix’s ‘Sing On!’ Brings Competitive Casting to Karaoke


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

·3 min read

"Sing On", the new karaoke competition show on Netflix, is bringing healthy competition to the unscripted space. Anchored by Tituss Burgess (AKA Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), contestants hit a slew of songs while trying to hit as much acuracy as they can... in a Rock Band video game style. While Karaoke in its' genuine form is meant to be humerous and ridiculous, this new game show elevates the idea to a whole new level.

Netflix ordered 8 episodes for season one. Each episode is set to have its' own theme in which some are more difficult then others. Ranging from “Love Songs” to “Country”, viewers see a handful of AWESOME contenders go home for simply not hitting the notes correctly. Harsh - right? Who ever ends up on top by the end of the season has the possibility of winning $60,000... however most of it is distributed throughout the season.

While Casting Depot wasn't a part of the casting process on this project - we have to quickly chat about the humor behind the contestant casting. Imagine being a casting director on this project and asking someone to audition completely blind to a new song. It'd be a hoot!

However, what we're getting to here is that the willingness to genuinely "be who you are" in the unscripted space is ever evolving. Ten years ago - people willing to go on TV to do things that were silly or embaressing would have been difficult. Fast forward to today - we find that talent is more comfortable with portraying their true selves. And for game shows like this - we have thanks to give. As a casting director, it can be often times hard to get talent to relax and be themselves. Especially in unscripted. So shows like these make talent more comfortable with doing so.

Additionally, the casting in this series is unparelled. The production team did a great job casting the best talent possible that could not only make an audience laugh - but fall in love as well.

“Sing On!” premieres Wednesday, September 16 on Netflix.