12 Digital Series You Need to Watch


Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson

·7 min read

If you have Netflix, Hulu, or live in 2020, you likely watch a lot of TV. Maybe you've been binge watching the same three shows since you were 8 (we see you Seinfeld fans). Maybe you like to mix it up. Either way - it’s easy to get lost in the sea of new content online. So - we've got you.

Here are 12 digital series that you need to watch:

Really, Dough?

Every question you had about pizza and pizz culture, answered.

Where: Thrillist

Red Table Talk

An excellent talk show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, “Red Table Talk” features thoughtful guests and insightful round-table discussions. The three generations of women explore themes of motherhood, race, loss, marriage, and much more in 25-minute episodes. This is different from your typical celeb interview series.

Where: Facebook Watch

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Speaking of different talk shows, “Between Two Ferns” offers some of the most unusual celebrity interviews you’ll find. Started back in 2008, Ferns provides absurdist humor, improvised antics, and surprising gags, often at the expense of the famous guests. The series was spun-off into a film this past year, so there’s never been a better time to catch up on episodes or check it out for the first time.

Where: YouTube

Bring Me

If you get serious FOMO, we suggest skipping this one. Buzzfeed takes their viewers across the world to some pretty awesome places that'll make you say 'bring me'. This series is great for the avid traveler and foodie looking for secret gems in far away places.

Where: Buzzfeed

Bestie Picks Bae

Looking for a show that offers new scenarios every episode? Ever had a best friend set you up with someone? Welcome to Seventeen’s “Bestie Picks Bae,” a dating competition series where a “bestie” picks a date for a friend from a group of potential baes. Often, dating works better when the decision is put in the hands of someone else.

Where: YouTube

Please Understand Me

This online series produced by Sarah Silverman has a unique premise: comedians stay in character while having sessions with real-life therapists. The result is strange, funny, and moving-- featuring rough relationships between couples with fictional stories but very real problems. It’s definitely a captivating watch.

Where: Facebook Watch


Yes - your astrological sign could play a major role in your love life. Watch as these 20-something-year-old singles living in the Big Apple navigate dating on this binge-worthy digital series.

Where: Youtube


Another YouTube show with a unique premise, “Distance” explores two sides of a long distance relationship. The series uses parallel episodes, covering the same events but from each character’s perspective. The result is a show that can be watched in any order, making for a viewing experience perfectly suited for its digital platform.

Where: YouTube

The Feels

A funny and impactful series about a bisexual man naviagting his lonliness and romantic life, “The Feels” has enjoyed a three season run. With short, couple minute episodes, it’s a quick binge watch once you’re hooked.

Where: YouTube

Humnan Limits

A pretty bad-ass series about humans pushing ideas to the limit. Uproxx does a great job of highlighting extremely unique individuals who do some incredible things.

Where: Uproxx

Sorry For Your Loss

Who says digital shows can’t draw big stars? Elisabeth Olsen stars as a young woman struggling with the recent death of her husband. The episodes are 30 minutes, relatively long for an online series, but the show offers a moving and cinematic exploration of grief.

Where: Facebook Watch

Precious Cargo

Wealthy urban parents can have very ambitious goals for their children, even if those kids are still taking nap time. The comedy series “Precious Cargo” follows a pair of sisters as they work as tutors for wealthy urban kids, and deal with all the stress that comes with the job.

Where: Vimeo

Tacos Con Todo

First We Feast's "Tacos Con Todo" is a new series that shines a light on California's exciting taco culture through the eyes of stand-up comedian and SoCal native, Jesus Trejo. It'll get you wanting to cook some tacos after the first episode.

Where: Complex