The New App That Can Solve Your Streaming Indecision Problems


Lucas Drennan

Lucas Drennan

·3 min read

It’s okay to admit it — picking a show to watch can be frustrating. Sure, you can re-watch The Office or Friends (for the 10th time), but when it comes to finding your new binging obsession, the possibilities can seem endless. And that’s because they basically are. There are so many streaming platforms that your Netflix queue can feel like your current grocery shopping list. Where do you even start?

Luckily, you no longer have to rely on your friends’ contradictory recommendations. Familiar with the popular ranking site, Ranker? The website allows fans to vote on a wide array of topics — everything from hip hop artists to fast food restaurants. But where Ranker really excels is in the world of television.

As you could imagine, afan voting produces a ton of data. Over a billion votes of data, to be exact. And Ranker has put that information to great use: introducing Watchworthy , a new app designed to pick the ideal binging choice for your TV tastes.

Here’s how Watchworthy works. It begins with a Tinder-like interface, one that presents a series of shows and allows you to swipe depending on your level of interest. Right is a “like,” left is a “dislike,” and a swipe up means you’re unsure. Once you’ve swiped through some options, Watchworthy composes an array of recommendations based on your tastes and the data they’ve accumulated. The result is a curated list of binging choices for you, one that gets more accurate the more you interact with it.

Watchworthy draws from shows across all streaming platforms— Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more. Suggestions are ranked by a “worthy” score that reflects the likelihood a show is worth your time. You can also filter by genre, run time, streaming service, and MPAA ratings.

Finally, what makes Watchworthy stand out is the uniqueness of recommendations that Ranker’s extensive data provides. For example, its formula suggests that Better Call Saul fans enjoy other gritty, dark dramas like True Detective, but also quirky comedies like Nathan for You that Saul fans might not necessarily expect.

Ultimately, Watchworthy is a great resource for any TV-watchers struggling to pick a new show. It’s currently available for free through the app store, and is expected to reach connected devices like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV in the next year.