CEO of Filmocracy Sits Down With Casting Depot


Ben Russell

Ben Russell

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There are over 50,000 films made each year but most of them never receive any distribution due to lack of recognizable cast or sizable budget. Paul, the CEO of Filmocracy, uses gamification and rewards to incentivize people to watch unknown movies and provide them with ratings data. He took a moment from building his film and festival streaming platform startup to speak with us about his journey to success.

What’s your full name and occupation? Paul Jun, CEO, Filmocracy.

Tell us about you and your career. I started my career in entertainment doing sales and acquisitions for a company called QED International, which turned into Covert Media. We did films like District 9, Fury, and Dirty Grandpa. I met with distributors from different countries at the largest film festivals like Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto, and eventually left to start my own venture to help independent filmmakers gain wider distribution.

Did you have to make difficult choices and what are the lessons learned? It was a difficult choice to leave my job because I don’t think there is in fact any better job than what I had. I was essentially paid to travel to amazing cities, to meet with my clients (who became my friends) and spent company money to buy and sell movies. However the industry changed rapidly and there are now an insane number of independent films that are made but never reach an audience. It was also a good time to leave because I was feeling like I had reached my potential at my company. There was also an instance where I found a really great television show format that I wanted to bring to the US, but no matter how I tried my boss wouldn’t spend the money for it. This despite spending 10x more on film projects. Well of course that show eventually sold to Fox and became THE MASKED SINGER. My heartrate still rises every time I pass one of those billboards.

What advice do you have for people looking to break into the industry? There is no magic bullet. You’re not going to show up one day and take Hollywood by storm with your amazing script with no financing or cast attached. You have to look at it as a career in which you build upon your past successes. Cultivate relationships, not contacts. The project you make next will probably not be the one that puts you over the top, however as long as it takes you one step closer, that’s where you want to be.

What are your favorite shows/film? The Lord of the Rings original trilogy. The great cinematic achievement in our lifetime. I will watch any of those films anytime I come across them 😊

What’s is been like working during COVID19? Honestly it hasn’t changed much for my team since we were all remote anyway. Although we did have to switch from going to WeWork to working from home. The working during COVID19 has been totally great. It’s the living during COVID19 that has been a real struggle. Your website and link to online video if any.

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